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    Shared Files not appearing in client - New Install

    Blaze22 Lurker

      New install of V 15.1 VM workstation to operate xp pro in a w 10 home machine.

      Registered WXP Pro SP3 is working great.

      Problem is not being able to see or use "shared Files" in client.


      I read in one post to delete all tools and reinstall.

      Not sure how to delete and update tools

      I installed VM from direct download.  Do not have C/D or .iso C/D.

      Have tried all the methods found on the forum but still cannot get shared files

      to appear in my VM Client files.

      Nor does anything developed in the client appear back in the host shared file.

      Alternative:  Can a flash drive be enabled and read in a Client system?

      I could use this system to transfer files back and forth.

      The C/D drive is working fine too, so I guess I could use a CD r/w for transfer also,

      Apology in advance.

      Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but I can't find it!

      Spent several hours trying to get those files visible.

      Any help appreciated!

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          scott28tt Champion
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          Documentation here lists supported OSes and pre-requisites: Using Shared Folders

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            Blaze22 Lurker

            Hi Scott:  Thank you for the quick reply.

            This must be a fairly common issue.

            Is anyone else running a WXP Pro Client Virtual Machine on a W 10 Host?

            If so, are files being shared between Host and Client?

            What are the settings that make it happen?


            Scott:  I think you have supplied the correct answer.

                 (WXP Pro may not be a supported guest operating system.) *

            In that case I will revisit the post and check the box.,


            But first, just to confirm:  In the list of supported operating systems for file sharing,   i do not see WXP Pro.

            That may be why my Host W 10 Home Files are not being "Shared" into the Client VM WXP pro operating system.


            If my conclusion is correct, I will check the box as "Solved." 

            And, reluctantly have to consider going back to an Oracle VM machine.  I don't want to do that!!!!!!

            This VM is much easier to use.


            * Here is the list of supported OMs from the link you provided:


                "To use shared folders, a virtual machine must have a supported guest operating system.

                      The following guest operating systems support shared folders.

              • Windows Server 2003 R2
              • Windows Server 2008 R2
              • Windows Server 2012 R2
              • Windows Server 2016
              • Windows Vista
              • Windows 7
              • Windows 8
              • Windows 10
              • Linux with a kernel version of 2.6 or later
              • Solaris x86 10
              • Solaris x86 10 Update 1 and later "

                                (NO WXP Pro)  And that system is what I need for some old files and programs.)


            Does anyone know of a patch or work around? 

            One that occurs to me is to use a USB flash drive (if a USB port can be enabled).

            a stand-alone hard drive (USB connected)

            Or a Read/Write DVD or CD (the Disc Drive is working fine in the Client WXP machine.)


            These would be a bit cumbersome but would probably work.


            Thanks for your speedy reply Scott!

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              RDPetruska Guru
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              I have several WinXP guests running under Workstation 15.5.1 just fine.  I almost never use the shared folders feature - it's been buggy for generations.

              Use standard network file sharing (SAMBA/CIFS/Windows file sharing), or drag and drop files between guest and host.  Or build files into an ISO image on the host, mount it to the guest's CD-ROM.  Or, shutdown the guest and mount the disk to the host to copy files back and forth.  Many ways to get files between host and guest.