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    Injecting identity information into golden image clone

    mskov1 Lurker



      we are currently evaluating possible ways of how to use our software with the Horizon 7 desktop pools. The problem we have is that every clone of the golden image needs to have an identity key and this identity key needs to stay persistent after the clone of the golden image is recreated (identity is bound to the host name more or less). Are the some "best practices" of how one can achieve that? Is it somehow possible to inject such information into the "identity diff/image" that Horizon 7 should be using for restoring the identity of Windows after a clone of the golden image is created?


      We are thinking about writing some script that would restore such information from a file share on a first start of the golden image clone (based on the host name of the clone). But this does require an external file share and doesn't sound like a good solution for us. So if someone had to solve similar issues - please share your experience.