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    First connection attempt always fails

    DoctorGerry Lurker

      Whenever I try to connect to our VCentre server the first time it always fails. It's a virtual appliance which was upgraded from V5 to V6.0 about a year ago (not by me). The first time I try to connect to it with my browser (any one - I have tried a few) I ALWAYS just get a spinning wheel. I end up having to close the browser window, and try again. It always works the second time. When I say 'the first time' I don't mean 'the first time I try on any given day', I mean the first time I open a browser and try to connect. If I close my browser, and then need to log in again later in the day, the same thing happens. The same thing is starting to happen with VMs - quite often I will try to RDP to a VM and nothing happens. I close the RDP client and try again and it works. We are also getting issues where Veeam One regularly loses it's connection.


      I'm a bit of a know-nothing as far as Vmware is concerned, so can anyone give me some hints as to where I should be looking to resolve this?