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    Symptom Filtering by OS

    tps5 Lurker

      Is there any way to create a symptom or filter a symptom for a specific OS? The problem is I don't want the disk alerts to fire for Linux VMs but I do for the Windows VMs. I know I can create a custom group for Windows and do it that way, but is there any way to do it at the alert/symptom level?

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          RickVerstegen Expert

          Create a symptom based on Guest OS and set property based on Windows.

          I guess you need to disable symptoms/alerts that are applied to Linux VM's to be able to have no alerts fired for these.

          So what you can do is disable all disk alerts/symptoms for virtual machines, create new alert/symptoms based on guest os with the appropriated disk metrics.

          In this case you only have disk alerts for Windows VMs.