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    Guest OS Version - Update to match OS according to VMware Tools - with out an immediate power down?

    MatthewFB Lurker

      Hello everyone,


      Trying to clean up our environment we have numerous VMs to which the Guest OS Version choosen differs from the installed OS version. Now, i know this is purely cosmetic and updating the Guest OS Version will not change anything relating to the installed VM, or give it access to any newer features/options a new OS version would have on a clean installed VM.


      Aside from the GUI method, which with the volume of VM's, would take some time to schedule an outage for them all, to power down and change, is there a way to do it via PowerCLI, but the catch...


      My thought being, is there a method to Get-VM where Guest OS Version (configuration file) is not equal to VMware tools detected OS then update VM. Then, hold that config until the next time the VM is rebooted to change it?


      Hope being that we could tie this into a windows update period to minimize reboots and outage windows versus shutdown a single VM, change in GUI, power on VM over about 100+ times..