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    SRM 8.2 Failover test error after migration to virtual appliance

    Cuthbert01 Novice

      I have a client that recently had their vSphere environment upgraded to 6.7 u3 with external Platform Services controllers.

      I just completed an upgrade/migration from Windows based SRM 6.5.1 to appliance based 8.2.

      Everything looks good, however, when I run a failover test I get a customization error on the external PSC VM.

      The error code is 255.

      I found a document that says the tmp folder is blocked from execution. The document is for basic VMs, NOT a PSC appliance.

      It gives instructions for changing the VMware tools conf file to use a different temp dir.

      I am unable to find the file in the areas the document outlines.

      Has anybody had this issue?

      Know where the file lives?

      Different fix?