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    Custom connection configuration issue

    Michitronik Lurker

      I am facing since serveral weeks the problem, that my network interface settings are set back to the default while I am starting or shutdown the VMs. This occur on all VMs I use Win10, Win7. Linux I haven't at this maschine at the moment.

      If I change the settings while the VMs are runnning it still does not work. I does not show the cable connection status of the host NIC (always disconnected).

      The settings should be "Network connection -> Custom: -> S7Online" for a host specific NIC. But it will return after change by shutting down or boot in this shiown configuration.

      The used Worstation is "14.1.2 build-8497320"


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          AlessandroRomeo68 Master



          It is a bit anomalous as an error...I guess in these weeks you have already read Kb and tried everything ...

          A test that I would do is to install a new VMware Workstation Pro 14.1.8 or 15.x and I would do VMs with that customization to see if the problem repeats itself. Or if possible migrate a vm that presents the problems and see how it behaves. In my opinion the problem could be in the installation of Workstation pro 14.1.2 or version.


          If I'm not mistaken, you can switch for free from 14.1.2 to 14.1.8



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            Michitronik Lurker

            Yes indeed. That was the next I had in mind. To repair the VMware Workstation installation by reinstall or upgrade to a newer version.

            Unfortunately the update tool does not show the 14.1.8 as an available update.

            I will install it manually and will look what happens.

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              AlessandroRomeo68 Master

              Well! then write if you solve the problem with the update (I think so).



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                Michitronik Lurker

                So I have updated VMware Workstation to "14.1.8 build-14921873".

                Now a Win7 VM doesn't set the configuration to default any more. But the connection from the NIC in the VM to the bridges Host NIC still does not work. If a cable is plugged it is not shown in the VM.

                At the Win10 VMs still the configuration is reconfigured to default at start or stop of the VM and also doesn't work afte reconfigure while the vm is running.
                Also I was able to test a VM with "debian 9 x64". Here the connection works as it should.


                Problem not solved :-(


                Next actions

                - I have reinstalled the VMware tools after update VMware on the win VMs

                Doesn't help.


                - deleted all NICs in all Win VMs using that configuration and reconfigure one by one.

                On Win7 it works again but on the Win10 maschines not.


                Is it posible that VMware or the Win10 Host does only allow only one configuration to a local nic? But why Linux work parallel?

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                  dariusd Virtuoso
                  VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

                  Can you adjust other parts of the VM's configuration without them reverting?  For example, increase the VM's memory size, and see if that "sticks" or if it reverts like the network settings.


                  We have occasionally had folks accidentally activate the "revert to snapshot at power-off" option: Take or Revert to a Snapshot at Power Off, but if that option is enabled, it would revert the entire VM, including all of the state of the virtual machine's hard disks.



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                    Michitronik Lurker

                    That also was my thought in the beginning, but all VMs are set to just shutdown.

                    On the other hand would the NIC work if the configuration of the network is manipulated while running.