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    Workstation11 handing Out The Same Subnet one two diffrent VMnets

    djames06 Novice

      Hello All,


      Listen to this one guys, I have one server2012, ESXi-1 and ESXi-2 all on VMnet8 Host only and all getting a 192.168.100.XXX as set by DHCP then made static.


      Once all the VM machines addresses are set to static on VMnet8 I add a 2nd virtual nic too each VM on VMnet2 using NAT with DHCP set as 192.168.200.XXX but what's happening is all three machines are getting VMnet8 addresses witch puts them all on the same network.


      trouble shooting:

      I removed all VMnets and restarted the workstation virtual network configurator but only after setting all back to default setting.

      Between reboots I  also switch NAT to Host-Only and vis versa and reinstalled the VMs again with diffrent VMNets and the same problem.


      So what causing the first network to bleed over to a totally diffrent VMNet?


      F.Y.I. i'm oinly using version11 because 15Pro on all of my VMs are only getting 75% pingS between VMs and it's on going even after fully creating my network from scratch. .


      If you need pics I will send but its should be easy and simple what I'm going.


      Thanks in advance guys,


      Dan J