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    Bizzare network behavior, Win 10, Wrkstn 15.5, bridged

    dfdumont Lurker

      I don't even know how to describe this.  Case in point, I bring up a naked, minimal CentOS 8.1 server from ISO.  Upon reboot after install I then wget two files from the same internet location.  One, a text file works.  The other a TGZ ball does not.  It just  hangs.  If I trace things out I can see that the machine actually gets the "200" message from the server, it just never initiates the transfer.


      If I then do the normal "dnf (yum) -y update" which is typically step 2 of any install (or apt update) and the thing can't find any repositories.  Or it can, but it can't maintain a connection with them and they time out. 


      Now for all of you who are going to say something like "The firewall in your environment.." take note of this.  I have a beefy laptop running Ubuntu which is configured to be KVM server.  I can bring up that same naked minimal CentOs 8.1 server from the same ISO file I used on Workstation, and it works just fine there.  No issues.  Blows through a 'dnf -y update' quickly.  Can download either file upon reboot after install. (Can you see now why I set this test up?) This isn't environmental.  These two machines are under the same environment.


      It behaves like a misconfigured firewall.  So it COULD be something in the Win10 firewall, since the laptop running Ubuntu wouldn't suffer under that.  I just don't know where to even look.  At the moment I can't produce any viable instances in Workstation.  They are all bad, even old ones that used to work.  I can't even consistently SSH into old VMs.  It's got to be a network thing somewhere.


      I don't even know what to post.  What do you want to help figure this out?  All ideas welcome.