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    IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Org Networks not working

    vPauleAKQ Lurker

      Hi guys,

      we are currently testing vCD with NSX-T 2.5 in a provider environment and ran into a problem.

      In vCD, you are able to create networks with IPv4 OR IPv6, but if you use the API, you could easily deploy networks with a dual stack configuration.

      Problem is: As soon as we created such a network, we could not configure a IPv4 DHCP Server any more.

      Is this normal behavior, or a bug?

      In NSX-T 2.5 we are easily able to create such segments, using a dual stack configuration AND DHCP for the IPv4


      Error message in vCD is:

      [xxxxSOMEIDyyyyy] Segment path=[/infra/segments/yyyyyySOMEIDyyyyyy] has invalid input: DHCP is not supported for IPv6 subnet., error code 503046