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    Implementing vRealize Suite 2019, keeping some of the old

    JLogan_DeltaDental Lurker

      I have a request to implement the latest vRealize Suite for a customer. Currently they have a lot of half-installed items such as LCM, vROPS and vRA laying about. LCM was not installed first, so things really never spoke to each other. At present, other than vROPS, I am told the rest can go away.


      I am going to set up a greenfield installation, installing LCM first and then using this to manage the rest. The customer would like to keep the previous vROPS up and running for several months, until the new one builds up its database. I found the thread below, which indicates that having two appliances up and connecting is possible, although only one can register as an extension. Based on this thread, I would go into the current, add bad creds to the registration username and passwords fields, then install the new appliance. The new one registers as an extension, but both continue to pull data. I am just curious if this is still the best way to do this, or if I am missing any caveats, as the thread is a couple years old. I was unable to find anything newer on the subject.


      Two different versions of vROps pointing to single vCenter