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    vRealize Log Insight 8 very slow

    seamusobr1 Enthusiast

      We have a six node Log Insight 8 cluster. with 6 nodes. All the nodes are configured as large and the ingestion rate is below 15,000 which is what is ok for these nodes

      I have also ran some checks on the nodes for corrupt buckets

      I have switched off the 1 alert we have just to see what the issue is

      The problem is that simple queries grind to a halt to the point that it becomes unusable

      I have checked the cluster nodes in vRops and cannot see evidence of hardware issues

      Does anyone know of ways to improve query performance in log Insight

      I have logged a call with GSS as well

      Interestingly enough we did not seem to have the issues with 4.8


      Any help would be greatly appreciated