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    Trying to create 1st datastore on esxi 6.7 Dell R710, Perc H700, no disks in the list of devices

    JohnTFarmer Lurker

      My apologies, I am new to vSphere.  When trying to create the first datastore on a new vsphere 6.7 installation.  Under storage section (left menu), then on Datastore tab, it does not show any local disk storage  to make a new datastore. Under the adapters it lists the H700 with unknown status. Under devices tab, it does show both logical storage units from the H700, one is 2.18TB capacity and another is is 300gb, which is the total of my internal local storage.  If esxi cannot read the H700 status, then maybe it also cannot see drives with available storage.


      When the server is booted to Win10 it can see all storage so I believe the storage configuration is functioning.


      Is it possible to work around this be installing ver 6.5 of esxi?  Or is a different raid adapter required?  Other recommendations are appreciated.