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    HPE DL360p Gen8 & ESXi 6.5 U3 - Hardware Sensor Problems

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      I've got an odd problem with a recently bought HPE DL360p Gen8 server. VMware seem to have problems reading out serveral hardware sensors like fans and powersupply. The show up as "unspecified". The iLO can read the sensors without any problems.



      I've installed the latest offical custom image from HP (VMware-ESXi-6.5.0-Update3-14990892-HPE-preGen9-650.U3. I also tried installing older versions like U1 & U2 but the results are the same. I'm running out of ideas and I can't find anything related to this error in the internet.


      iLO is updated to 2.73 (Feb 11 2020)

      System ROM version: P71 05/24/2019


      Hostd.log shows nothing unusual regarding IPMI:


      IpmiIfcRhGetDeviceId: BMC mfg is Hewlett-Packard FW: 2.73 count_events: starting communication with bmc over ipmi driver count_events: GET_SEL_REPO_INFO returned {version: 0x51, count 64, free 0,add_stamp 1581853816, erase_stamp 1581853816 op_support 2} IPMI SEL sync took 0 seconds 0 sel records, last 164


      What could cause this problem? Where and what can I check?

      Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!