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    Win7 x64 cannot first boot when clean install on a nvme virtual disk

    xkai Lurker

      host os: win10 x64 v2004(19041.84)

      vm version: 15.5.1/14.1.8

      hw version: 15/14

      guest os: win7 sp1 x64


      when i create a vm with nvme virtual disk, i can clean install  and boot win8/8.1/10 smoothly——win8.1/10 supports nvme original. although win8 does not support nvme natively, there are several 3rd-party universal nvme drivers for win7——for example, 驱动总裁's or pceva's——and these drivers can be used for win8 for manually loading during setup. after loading one of these drivers, win8 can be installed and run on nvme disks normally. but when i load these drivers for win7 setup, there is sth. strange happened——the disk can be correctly recognized and the first phase of setup can be completed successfully, but when the virtual machine restarts, it becomes stuck on the starting windows screen. it also fails booting into safe mode. even when i change the virtual disk to ide/sata/scsi, it still stalls.i did many times of win7 installation and finally found if you clean install win7 to a virtual nvme disk, it must fail on first boot, even when you integrated win7 nvme support hotfixes——kb2990941+3087873 or kb3125574 to win7 installation iso, but if you clean install a win7 with nvme hotfixes integrated to a scsi/sata/ide virtual disk and change the disk to nvme after setup completed, win7 can start normally. if you move a nvme virtual disk with win7 and nvme support hotfixes installed to a new virtual machine, it will stall on first boot starting windows screen and still can't boot even when you change the virtual disk to another type. the only workaround is disabling nvme drivers in registry (do this in a pe environment) and boot on another type of virtual disk. when win7 normally started, the nvme drivers will be automatically enabled and you can change the virtual disk to nvme. i can't test my iso and drivers on a physical pc because i don't have and can't find any new pc's with nvme disks installed, so i can't confirm these iso's and drivers are fully available on morden hardware. can you test nvme on win7 virtual machines and give me an exact answer?