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    Advices sharing Datastore between Esxi 5.5 cluster and single esxi 6.7 host

    mlocatster Lurker

      Good morning,

      I have an esxi 5.5 cluster, not upgradeable, with two hosts connected and managed with a vCenter Server. These two hosts are connected to a SAN SAS storage.

      Today I connected to the same SAN a new host that is alone (not managed by a vCenter) with esxi 6.7u3. At SAN level I mapped this new host to the same "SAN cluster" so it can access the same LUNs and datastores as the other esxi 5.5 hosts.  All the datastores in the SAN have VMFS version 5.58.

      Now in a test datastore and using the esxi 5.5 cluster I created two esxi 5.0 virtual machines with a linux os installed. After installation I did some tests with success:

      - Import one virtual machine in the new esxi 6.7 host and booted it successfully

      - Powered off the virtual machine in the esxi 6.7 and started it again from esxi 5.5 cluster successfully

      - Keeped one virtual machine running in the esxi 6.7 host and the other on the esxi 5.5 cluster successfully

      As with this configuration I lose VMFS 6 advantages but I don't need to keep the datastores and LUNs separated between esxi 5.5 and 6.7, that is a simplier management for me, I'm considering to move to production this configuration.


      Has anyone a similar configuration in production?

      As my fears are regarding possible data corruption in mixed esxi environments, has anyone some advices about this?

      The esxi 5.5 cluster is in High Availability, can this make some problems in the new configuration?


      Thank you very much