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    Upgrade to 6.7 in Proliant DL360 Gen9 leaves web client and vmotion, storage vmotion too slow

    nacho_garcia Lurker

      Good Day.

      I have 2 locations. Each with 2 Hosts and 1 vCenter. Both Upgraded almost at the same time.

      Both locations experience the same issues.

      We used HPE Custom Image.


      VMs work normally but a vmotion stays there for 30 minutes, times out, and if I check directly on the host, it's moved.

      Sometimes logging directly into hosts gives me a time out.

      Storage vmotions take a lot to finish, sometimes I get "The operation is not allowed in the current state of the host. Host is not available for VM Operations.

      When doing vmotions or storage vmotions sometimes one host gets disconnected.

      Sometimes the Web Interface says: Operation Failed. java.net.SocketTimeoutException: 600,000 miliseconds timeout on connection http-outgoing-1303 [ACTIVE]

      What can be wrong with this installation? Is it some component within the image I need to remove from the hosts? Is it something on the vcenter?

      Thanks a lot.