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    Cluster Quickstart pre-setup information gathering

    andvm Enthusiast



      I will be trying this new feature to setup a new cluster with 3 Distributed Switches for Management/vMotion, vSAN and VM Traffic.


      What information should I gather in advance to be able to complete the configuration correctly via this method:


      1. Number of Distributed Switches
      2. Name of each Distributed Switch
      3. Name of PortGroup for each Distributed Switch
      4. Number of Uplinks for each Distributed Switch
      5. Mapping of vmnic/s to Distributed Switch
      6. VLAN's for each Service (Management, vMotion, vSAN and VM Traffic)
      7. vmk IP/Mask/GW for each applicable Service (Management, vMotion, vSAN)
      8. vSAN FTT # and other vSAN options
      9. vSAN disk groups (cache/capacity)


      Is there any other information that you think/suggest is needed?


      With regards to Teaming and Failover, LAG's creation and related config are these setup/configured afterwards?


      When it comes to the 2nd cluster I can use the same Distributed Switches that were created in cluster 1 for Management/vMotion and for VM Traffic.

      With regards to vSAN, am not sure if I should also re-use the same vSAN Distributed Switch created in cluster 1 or create a dedicated one for cluster 2?