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    VM "Windows cannot connect to printer" when trying to connect to network printer

    cbombard Lurker

      Running Horizon View 7.11

      APP VOL 4.0 writable volumes


      Windows 10 1909 Education


      Using non-persistent composed linked-clones.


      The base image when prepping and trouble shooting can connect/add printers without issue.. Once composed the desktops will get an error when trying to add a network printer. You can create a local TCP/IP connection to add the printer without issue..


      When trying to connect to a network printer.. it will go through the discovering drivers.. installing drivers.. and then will give the error "Windows cannot connect to printer"

      operation failed with error 0x0000006


      I have one snapshot before installing APPVOL that works. The SNAP after APPVOL does not work.


      I am out of ideas of what to look at/try.. I have reached out to support but have not heard back yet (just wrote them this morning) but thought I would reach out to this community as well..


      I am stumped!