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    Start Menu Query

    CipherTech Novice

      On our Master VM we have applications such as Calculator, Sticky notes etc.  If a new user logs on they will see these applications, however if a current user logs on then they will only see some of these applications.


      I have found this issue to be related to the Start menu.zip file which is saved for each user in the archive and backup folders in the DEM Prod user folder. 


      If I manually delete these items from the folder after the user has logged off and then the user logs back on they will see all applications as you would expect.  However by doing this the user loses all customisation made to the start menu ie Tiles. 


      The Start menu should come from the master VM as we use non-persistent clones in Horizon.  Yet when the user logs in (We use DEM profiling) the menu has not changed even when the Master VM has been changed and recomposed to the instant clones.


      Can you advise what we can do to resolve this issue?

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          CipherTech Novice

          Ignore this I have found a workaround.


          Workaround is:


          OSOT - Used VMWare's Template using command line within MDT for deployment this removed most of the unwanted applications that come with Windows 10 and allowed me to keep simple applications such as calculator, sticky notes and others.


          Group Policy to disable the Windows Store.


          I also wanted to keep a default start menu which users could change to the way they wanted so I have produced an export using powershell of the start menu and then in MDT use Powershell to import to the default profile on creation.  This allows me to change the start menu simply by changing out the XML file MDT. 

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