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    Provisioning Error (MIssing)

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      I've seen this before and never had an issue recovering from it until now.  I have a pool of Linked Clones and have a vm that i cannot get to go away.  Had an issue where the user was getting an error (could't get on the domain) so i decided to unattach her persistent disk and give her another.  After it was removed the VM got stuck in the DELETING state.  I tried removing it and then got a provisioning error.  I tried to remove it from the Adam DB and it was removed successfully.  When i try to enable provisioning again the error goes to Provivioning Error: View Composer Fault: Virtual Machine with input specifications already exists.  Teh VM doesn;t show up in Adam or vcenter but yet it will not go away.  Any ideas on how to get rid of this error?  I am going to shutdown the servers and restart them in order to see if that fixes it.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



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          Link Clones a little more tricky when dealing with provisioning Error (Missing). Have you tried the following below?


          VMware Knowledge Base

          1. Remove the virtual machines from the ADAM Database on the connection server.
          2. Remove all desktop references within the View Composer database.
          3. Remove all affected computer objects from Active Directory.
          4. Remove the desktops from vCenter Server.