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    upgrading vcsa6.5 to vcsa67

    NISLAM69 Lurker

      I have trouble upgrading existing vcsa65 to vcsa67, can someone send em the steps to upgrade using command prompt or gui base.



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          nirmalgnair Enthusiast
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          Hi @NISLAM69,


          Not clear from the description that the upgrade failed at some point. But follow the steps below to upgrade the VCSA from 6.5 to 6.7.


          I hope the current setup is an embedded one (PSC and vCenter on the same box)


          1) Download the vCenter 6.7 iso into a Windows Machine(acts as a jump-box)


          2) Mount the downloaded iso on the Windows jumpbox, Run the vcenter installer exe file on the Windows jumpbox.


          > Choose Upgrade

          > The wizard goes through two stages.

            > Agree to the EULA

          > Fill in the FQDN of vCenter

          > Fill in the ESXi host name that would host this, username/password of ESXi host

          > Set a name for the new VCSA appliance. This is not an FQDN and would reflect in the vCenter inventory.

          > Select deployment size - tiny/small/large/xlarge

          > Set temporary network settings. IP must not be pingable. This network used to transfer data

          > Review summary page finish.

          > Continue to second phase

          > You may prefer to check one of the radio buttons that suggest configuration migrations.

          > Finish



          Point to remember :


          • In stage 1, it asks for temporary IP make sure the IP you give there should be "non pingable and non resolvable" i.e. the IP should should be unused and should not have DNS entry against it.

          • This IP is used to facilitate transfer of data from source vCenter to destination vCenter in stage 2.


          Ref : Upgrading vCenter Server 6.5 to vCenter Server 6.7 | vCenter Lifecycle (Install, Upgrade, and Migrate) | VMware vSphere …


          Kindly let me know if you have any further queries.



          Nirmal Nair