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    Sporadic Black screens with W10 1709-1809 in 7.5.1 View environment

    MikeTyler Novice

      All -


      We're seeing sporadic black screens in our environment since moving to Windows 10 and I was hoping to find some answers here. Black screens and Windows 10 are synonymous. A quick Google search will produce pages of hits and will have you checking user profiles, video drivers, disabling "fast startup" etc.


      Our users can login with no problem and the typical login process will follow. However once startup completes the users are left with a cursor and black desktop.Task manager is accessible and we determined that manually launching explorer.exe will allow the desktop to load. All functions are restored once this is done however the issue can return again after restart. This is evident on both our floating and persistent virtual machines. It seems like something is stopping explorer.exe from launching but we have not been able to determine what that is. Also note this condition can be reproduced in vSphere via console with no client connected.


      Our View environment is fairly current as:


      Windows 10 1709 and 1809

      PCoIP protocol

      Horizon View 7.5.1

      View Agent 7.5.1

      View Client 4.8- 5.x

      ESX 6.5 Update1 & ESX 6.5 Update3 (all ESX within a cluster are running like versions) 


      Thanks in advance for your comments.