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    Intelligent HUB Airwatch install inside a KNOX

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      I have a Samsung A71 with the knox secure folder installed.


      In my corporation we've tried to install Intelligent Hub inside knox. Everything works fine, it downloads everything from the google playstore, all goes well.


      the device is recognized

      The device is enrolled

      The device is in conformity with the polices

      The polices are received

      The software is downloaded

      When I reach profiles we have a profile to automaticly create a certificate and configure office 365. without the certificate it will not work.

      So I press the PROFILE_o365   and press the reaply profile so it configures.

      It says "Are ou sure" I Press yes and it bows up a message saying:

      - Device Password

      "You need the device password to install profile. "

      So I click on it, it drives me to another screen saying "take measures" (to resolve the message). I Press it and it goes into a loop (coming back to the message) never showing me a screen where to input the password.


      Does anyone have the same problem or knows how to solve it? I am doing something wrong?


      Intelligent Hub


      Compile: 2567

      Date: 31-01-2020


      Knox: Safe 6 ELM Knox 3

      Version: 3.4.1

      Knox API level 30

      TIMA: 4.1.0


      Android 10 - Kernel 4.14.117-17626329


      Please help,