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    Vcenter Down in HA environment.

    insearchof Enthusiast

      I have four ESXI 6.5 Hosts.


      I have VCSA  VCSA-Peer and VCSA-Witness


      Last night VCSA and VCSA-Peer went down for no apparent reason.


      So I just started VCSA the VCSA-Peer but I can not get them to sync or both to be up .   Unable to ping to VCSA


      Is there a command or certain order I must start the VCSA up?


      Currently I only have console access.



      Any ideas or suggestions






      I found that the network adapter is not set.   I assigned static ip addresses I tried DHCP but the ip address does not stay


      I logged onto the VCSA and ran this






        Main Menu wiil


      Select option for
      network adapter,


      I set the adapter to the ip address


      I now cannot bring up vcenter at all. 


      Need help thanks


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      eth0  does not hold ip information after a restart it is blank no values.


      Any ideas?


      I tried the above and no luck


      My vCenter is still DOWN


      Need help