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    Feature request? disable vm preview in virtual machine library

    4ndr34z Lurker

      Is it possible to disable the live preview in virtual machine library?

      It can be very confusing sometimes.


      Feature request:

      When you open it in a window, the preview could be disabled in virtual machine library, showing that it is open in a window somehow. Not showing the same output.... (this is the confusing part. Multiple windows showing the same screen, but only one interactive)


      An even better option, could be making it interactive inside the virtual machine preview, so that you can interact with it without opening a window. It would make more sense?

      Of course it has to be possible to open in a window too.

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          That's interesting feature request. So the confusing part is the preview Windows not being interactive. We will investigate this and add this into feature backlog.



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            In an earlier version of VMware Fusion a double click on the preview would open the VM (or start it if it was suspended), I miss that feature and for me personally it would suffice.

            I wouldn't even want the preview to be interactive as it tends to be much smaller and it would be easy to click wrong.

            Especially so as the preview window is not updated in real time.


            Also seem to recall reading somewhere that the preview window would black out if the VM is encrypted in order to prevent information leakage.

            But apparently that is not for Fusion as I just tested it and the preview still works.

            Perhaps it is a vSphere feature?




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