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    VCSA on VDS

    stre2020 Lurker

      Hello Everyone!


      Is it a good practice to not have VCSA on a host connect a VDS?


      i heard that is better to have VCSA on a standard switch. is that right?


      Thanks a lot!!

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          a.p. Guru
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          It basically doesn't matter to what kind of vSwitch you connect the vCSA. However, the port group type may matter in case of issues with the vCSA. Make sure that you create an "Ephemeral" port group for the network to which the vCSA is connected, so that you can assign the vCSA to this port group from the ESXi host's embedded host client in case it's necessary (i.e. vCSA is down).



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            stre2020 Lurker

            Thanks a lot for the input.