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    vmware-hostd.exe stopped working in Reliability Monitor

    LongRangeSkeet Lurker



      I've installed Workstation Pro 15.5.1 three days ago and every day since loading the software I see that the Windows Reliability Monitor lists vmware-hostd.exe stops working. The error message shows up regardless whether or not I used vmware on that day. When I did launch and use Workstation Pro it ran a VM without any issues.


      I'm using the software on a machine with a cleanly installed latest Windows 10 Home build with basically only Chrome, MBAM, vmware Workstation, and the drivers used to run the device, so I'm hoping that it's can't be a software incompatibility/conflict issue.


      Is this a known issue or does anyone else see the same error in their Reliability Monitor? Should I be concerned?




      Annotation 2020-02-12 154536.pngAnnotation 2020-02-12 154742.png