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    Report Log on SRM

    Yota79 Novice

      Hi everyone


      I try to attach the result of the base script on windows vm with the test on SRM. I'd like to have a basic result of application that run on a recovery machine.


      1) My base script do this on the VM (also on the original VM)


      @ECHO OFF

      SET MyProcess=Calculator.exe

      ECHO "%MyProcess%"

      TASKLIST | FINDSTR /I "%MyProcess%"

      IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (ECHO Process NOT Running) ELSE (ECHO "%MyProcess%" Running)


      This script is a "demo" and check only if the process calculator exist.


      On the recovery plan, under post-script of the Guestos i run


      C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c C:\myScripts\myGuestScript.bat > c:\myScripts\srmoutput.log 2>&1


      As I understand on the guide of the link




      On the page 64 there is the variable "VMware_GuestOp_OutputFile" to use, and the guide tell that is inside this file (4k is the max output) is inserted on the report of srm.


      I try to do this but srm , even in the file there is data  (error or not) when I finish my test job I can't find any additional information about this even the "success" of the job.