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    Network adapter not recognized

    dogdaynoon Novice

      I am running ESXI 6.7 on SuperMicro server SSG-2029P-E1CR24H  it has the motherboard model X11DPH-T and I have a 10Gb network adapter with two ports. SuperMicro assures me that this board has the following network adapter in it. Intel X722 / X557. There is also an onboard single 1Gb network port that I assume is the "default" port.

      ESXI does not recognize this third port. It is turned on in the BIOS and when I plug it in to the network it shows drive activity.


      When I check in the ESXI CLI, the two ports are identified as X722 ports



      When I check in the "Configure Management Network" in the base ESXI interface they show as Intel X557.

      dual port nic port2.pngdual port nic port1.png


      However, only 2 ports ever show up. There is a third port that I would like to use for management, reserving the 2 10Gb ports for LACP or Trunking to the network.

      Here is an image of the inside showing all three of the internal network ports.


      Any ideas on what is happening here? Why isn't that port recognized by ESXI and why are the other 2 being identified as two different models of intel switch when viewed through two different interfaces of the same ESXI installation?