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    How to unregister and register Virtual machine vcenter 6.7 via PowerCLI

    vishaln Novice

      I have list of VMs that have rename VM name from console by user, that VM name is different in datastore

      I want to unregister and register with same name state as user kept (they don't come to know the change done by backend)


      Please help me with the one line PS command.


      The regions of doing this some VMs are not getting power on due to we have clean the metadata corruption with the help of VMware support team, below are the issue.


      Issue:               Cluster2 Virtual machines power on failed with error "Transport (VMDB) error -45: Failed to connect to peer process".

      Issue idetified:  Running consistency checks on the devices let out about known issue with VMFS 6, metadata corruption

      Resolutions:     Run by Vmware Support team VOMA advanced fix in order to fix the metadata corruption