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    11.5.1 mouse won't auto release from VM

    MStilwell Lurker

      Up until yesterday my mouse was a freaking disaster and I stopped using it for the last few months. Finally it's working correctly, but now I have to pus Ctrl+Command to release the mouse. I've tried reinstalling tools multiple times. I don't know how to roll back to 11.5 or I'd try that. I've tried all the preferences individually for the mouse. Any suggestions or detail instructions that worked for you? I'm running Catalina.

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          wila Guru
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          Did you perchance set the following:

          VMware Fusion menu -> Preferences -> General tab -> Gaming


          The default of that setting is "Auto-detect mouse for games"


          If you change that one to "Always optimize mouse for games" then it would behave like you said.

          In that case, change it back to the default.




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            MStilwell Lurker

            It was already on "always optimize mouse for games": as I saw that response to other questions going back years.


            However, putting it on "auto-detect for games" did work. I do not understand technology!