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    vSphere Embedded Linked Mode Upgrade from 6.7 U1b to 6.7 U2/ U3

    justinantony Novice

      Hi Team,
      Need a help to identify the order for the Vsphere Upgrade. I have gone through the vSphere upgrade guide which discuss about PSC-> VC and so on. However in 6.7 version onward we don't have external PSC as it got deprecated. Considering the existing Virtual center is 6.7U1b with embedded PSC and having linked mode what should be the order ?


      1) Virtual Center (embedded PSC )  for Management
      2) 4 ESXi Host

      3) Virtual Center (embedded PSC )  for Workload

      4) Remaining Workload Cluster/Cluster Nodes


      As of now it is just mere an update for vSphere 6.7 hence Virtual center with different update works fine (I can see both infrastructure from both vc) however moving to a version change (For example 6.7 U3 to 7) how it would affect the environment ?


      At present i don't have any replication or high availability for these virtual center however going forward does this impacts in similar situation ?



      Top one is for Management and bottom virtual center is for workload.