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    Apple T2 chip and creating virtual machines using Hypervisor

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      Does anybody know if there is a workaround or update to the T2 chip problem.


      "Newer macs have the T2 chip that doesn't allow to use hypervisor, what is needed for ESXi to create virtual machines correctly?"




      Thanks in advance!

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          We have been working on addressing several issues with ESXi running on recent Mac hardware – including issues related to the T2 chip, SMC access, and internal SSD access – and we look forward to being able to release fixes for those issues in due course.  I don't have a specific timeline to share at this point, but we are making positive progress on those problems.  There are no supported workarounds for those issues, other than to use external storage instead of the internal SSD, and to run your macOS VMs on non-T2 hosts.


          You posted this in the VMware Fusion forum, and – as far as I am aware – none of the issues with T2 and recent Mac hardware are relevant for VMs running on VMware Fusion.  Is there a specific problem you are encountering with VMs running on VMware Fusion?  If so, please provide more details.