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    E-mail Templates

    jasysadminmes Novice

      Is there a way/place to change the default e-mails that are sent via WS1.


      E.G when a user fails my passcode compliance profile check he/she automatically receives a "Compliance Violation" E-mail. Is there a way to edit what that says?


      Also anyone know a way to automatically include the IMEI,SIM, or Phone number of the user in question in that e-mail ?

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          SamuelHowe Novice

          You can edit the default emails by going into Message Templates found in Settings -> Devices & Users -> General -> Message Templates.

          Once you edit and save, you will then have to change what template you are using in your passcode compliance profile.

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            MathijsFondo Lurker

            Like Samuel said it's possible to modify the email notifications under All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Message Templates.


            Just create a new Compliance Violation User Notification. In the email body you're allowed to use lookup values.


            To confirm to the company brand you can also use HTML by clicking the "show source" icon.


            I have attached an HTML file that looks like this to the user, if you've got any questions, hit me up!

            _Users_mathijs_Fondo_Solutions%20-%20Documents_AirWatch_Mathijs'%20Doc_Compliance%20HTML%20Mails_iOS_OS%20Version%20-%20First%20Warning%20-%20English.html(iPad Pro).png