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    Workspace ONE Event Notification

    JoelMcGee Lurker

      I’m beginning to use Workspace ONE Event Notifications.

      I’m finding it difficult to locate in depth information on the backend processes that support Event Notifications and trouble-shooting. Are there any good docs?

      I also would like to hear impressions and success/failure stories.

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          Event Notifications are a form of webhook, I use http://webhook.site/ to test this out.


          You can then enable the options you want to listen for. When a device is deleted, wiped, changed, it will post to your web hook listener and you can then do something with it. Its really designed for when you have some internal middleware doing lookups/API Calls based on events that happen on devices.


          One example I've seen is generating certificates from a custom CA, and delivering them to a device using the UEM API. Another is updating CMDB records based on the user details in the request, with the device details posted.



          In this example, I updated the friendly name of my device.

          {"EventId":642,"EventType":"Device Friendly Name","DeviceId":9612,"DeviceFriendlyName":"adam iPhone iOS 13.3.1 GRY9 Test","EnrollmentEmailAddress":"redacted","EnrollmentUserName":"adam","EventTime":"2020-02-12T11:32:05.5981164Z","EnrollmentStatus":"Enrolled","CompromisedStatus":"","CompromisedTimeStamp":"2020-02-12T11:32:06.296479Z","ComplianceStatus":"Compliant","PhoneNumber":"","Udid":"redacted","SerialNumber":"redacted","MACAddress":"redacted","DeviceIMEI":"redacted","EnrollmentUserId":604126,"AssetNumber":"redacted","Platform":"Apple","OperatingSystem":"13.3.1","Ownership":"CorporateDedicated","SIMMCC":"","CurrentMCC":"","OrganizationGroupName":"AMEMM","DeviceUUID":"redacted","EnrollmentUserUUID":""}

          The basic docs are here System / Advanced / API / Event Notifications.  My advice would be to leverage webhook.site and test out the events for yourself.

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            HimanshuMishra Novice



            I am struggling with event notifications setup too. It is working fine with http://webhook.site/

            But when I add my target URL, username(basic account in WS1) and password, it does not work. I get "Test is unsuccessful".

            logs say "Authentication.BasicAuthenticationHandler|BasicAuth was not authenticated. Failure message: Missing Authorization Header"

            It seems to be running fine in POSTMAN.