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    Migrate workloud from Vsphere 5.0 to 6.7

    kilua07 Lurker

      Hello community,


      I have a situation where i need to migrate a workloud of +100 VMs from VSphere 5.0 to 6.7.


      Note : when i say vsphere, i mean the whole workloud of ESXi and VCenter


      well i can see that there is already the solution of Vmware Converter, but for +100 VMs it's not simple to do the same task again and again...


      Another solution that i can't make it true, is presenting the datastore to the new VSphere, so that i can migrate the VMs directy from datastore to another. but this solution is impossible in my case, i can't (physically) connect the second datastore to the new vsphere


      So i am looking for a solution to migrate those VMs to my new envirement, and do it as fast as possible, i looked for some command line tools and i already found "vCenter Converter SDK", but i don't know exactly how to work with it.


      Finally, i have an idea of clonning the machines in a separete storage then migrate the clones to my new VSphere, but am not sure if this is possible while the VMs are running, and if possible can i take incremental clones, so that after a while i can only take the different between the clone and the VM.


      Sorry for taking so long to explain my issue