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    Download 11.5 ?

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      I appear to be in some website loop trying to download 11.5.


      I login and go to my products - all downloads.


      I select Fusion 11 Pro and click on Download


      That takes me to a Download VMWare Fusion where I see "VMWare Fusion 11.5.1 for Intel based Mac" with another Go To Downloads link.


      I click on Go To Downloads and end up at a page where the Download link is grayed out and it says "Your Profile is Incomplete" update your profile link is there.


      I click on Update Your Profile and it tells me my email address already exists, it's not updating it's creating a new one.


      I'm stuck in this loop where it's not fully recognizing something preventing me from being able to download 11.5.1.


      How do you get support for this?

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          For support having to look into why your profile isn't complete I think (hope?) you can go via my.vware.com and use this link:



          For downloading you don't really need that though as the download is available via a public link:

          Download VMware Fusion | VMware


          Yes, that's a link to the "trial", but it is the same download. It is the license that you -hopefully- already received that makes the difference.

          Once you installed the trial you can then switch it into the purchased version by installing the license.


          if you already had the license from an earlier VMware Fusion 11.x version then it should just pick up the license from that.


          Hope this helps,



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