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    lost? Fusion with Catlina OS upgrade

    albertaangler Novice

      Upon upgrading to OS Catalina I was warned that some apps MAY not work properly or at all. Listed we a few VMware NOT shown, and the ones that were of little consequence.


      I ONLY use the VM  to run Win8.? and quicken and turbo tax. They contain a lot of pertinent data. Why the windows rather than Mac version? Up until recently I wanted/needed some of the capability of the windows quicken software. That no longer matters as my needs are not as complex.


      So I proceeded only to find the black screen syndrome.


      I called apple support to see if I could at least retrieve the pertinent data files. Apparently not. All they could offer was it's a compatibility issue. DOH.


      I WAS considering changing over to the on line versions of both of these available for Macs which would have ended my need for Fusion. It now looks like I'm tied, at least to 11.5 to be able to somehow over come the incompatibility issue.