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    date time format

    jonathanvfodfin Novice

      I use the "Operations client" (or HTML interface) for Orchestrator in English but the time/date format is the american one (mm/dd/yy, h:mm AM/PM) which is a bit confusing to us.

      Is there a way to change it?



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          iiliev Champion
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          Which vRO version do you use?


          In vRO 8.x, the format of the dates was changed to something like Feb 5, 2020 3:12 PM


          In vRO 7.x, you should be able to switch to dd/mm/yyyy format if you switch your browser default language to English(United Kingdom). In Chrome this is under Settings > Advanced > Languages.

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            jonathanvfodfin Novice

            It's vRA embedded 7.6.


            Indeed I see when I use another browser with another locale that the date/time format is changed accordingly in the Workflow runs list although it's still in US format in the workflow run details.

            I guess that'll do until we switch to 8.x.

            Is there no way to change it in vRO 8.0 though?

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              iiliev Champion
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              Inconsistent date format of the same field in different view sounds like a bug. Consider opening a support request if you need a quick fix.


              As for 8.0 - I don't think there is a way for the user to fine-tune this format via some property. Maybe in some future release, if there is enough demand for such configurability...

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                jonathanvfodfin Novice

                Ok, I guess we'll see when we switch to 8.0, thank you for your help!

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                  inevp Novice
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                  If it's not too much trouble could you please share a screenshot of where you encounter the two different time formats so that I can look into it.

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                    iiliev Champion
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                    One such occurrence is mentioned in reply #2 - check start/end dates in the main workflows' runs list and start/end dates in the run details for a particular workflow run.


                    In one of these views, the date format changes when you change browser's language from English(United Kingdom) to English(US), whereas in the other view the date format stays the same when you change the language.