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    DEM 9.10 Folder Redirection

    john_f2004 Novice

      I wasn't sure where to post this question but thought I would start here. I'm getting App Volumes 2.18 and DEM 9.10 going and before I start pushing this out to our users, curious to see what others have done in regards to "roaming profile".


      Some of our users like the experience right now where their Desktop, Documents, Favorites roam with them from machine to machine. We are using Linked Clones. With DEM obviously we can use Folder Redirection with the WARNING of enabling Desktop and Roaming AppData can cause performance issues. AppData we would check as we have a few programs that write to that folder and saves certain settings the user doesn't need to change on every log in. So there is that option.


      The other option is App Volumes Writable Volumes. Whether it be Profile only or UIA and Profile. Is their a recommendation to say use the Profile Only Writable Volume over Folder Redirection in DEM? What have you used?


      I haven't noticed any performance issues using Folder Redirection from DEM but it's only me testing. I don't know if we'll notice a performance hit once this has gone out to our 3000+ users. Any recommendations on handling "roaming profile"?

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          jordanht Novice

          I think it depends on your infrastructure. I've always seen warnings about performance issues when redirecting appdata, desktop, favorites, etc. but in practice it has worked very well for me. Pointing to Isilon storage in the same datacenter, 600 users. I try to only use writable volumes when absolutely necessary for certain apps, because in my experience they cause more headaches when something goes wrong.