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    Custom tags on VM placeholders as part of vSphere Replication or SRM?

    Baoth Enthusiast

      Hi all


      I can't seem to find an answer anywhere on this, so hoping someone might be able to help.


      I have an environment that uses vSphere Replication to replicate VM's from site A to site B. SRM is also in place to orchestrate recovery. From an infrastructure point of view, our back solution is in place and covers the VMware environment, and we use a variety of tags within the estate. For example, one tag ensures that backups are not taken of a VM assuming it the tag is applied.


      What I have found is that our DR site also has backups running, by design, but it seems to be picking items up that are VM placeholders. They were being excluded by configuring the backup solution to exclude certain resource groups, but VM's are now falling through that approach.


      I would like to know if there is a way to add a custom tag to a VM as part of vSphere Replication or SRM, so that anything configured within these areas is tagged automatically?


      Maybe even from a datastore level - add a tag to anything that is homed on a specific datastore? That should accomplish the same outcome.


      Appreciate the help as always!