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    VSAN stretched cluster L2 / L3 combo

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      Can somebody point me at a good network design document for implementing a witness site.

      From what I have I read we can have a stretched L2 for VSAN data traffic over the 2 sites.

      The witness site should be connected over L3 links.

      What is not really clear to me is how to witness detects a site failure.


      If the L2 VLAN for VSAN traffic is for example

      I have 4 hosts in Site A en 4 host in site B every host will have a VMKernel adapter with an IP in this subnet.


      In the below article they devide the subnet into 2 /25 subnets and use static routes from the witness site.


      Just Another IT blog: vSAN stretched cluster topology explained


      Is believe there is another method for this using a separate vmkernel adapter for witness traffic but can't really find any

      good info on this.

      From a network perspective the above IT blog is clear but where can I found another designs using the witness traffic vlan.

      Not clear to me how it work or how it should be designed.