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    Virtual Disk.vmdk has one more internal errors that cannot be fixed

    Scarabomb Lurker

      Hello everyone,


      I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro Mid 2012 to MacOS 10.15.3 and am running VMWare Fusion 11.5.3.


      On a Windows 10 VM that I have (allocated 2 CPUs and 6GB of RAM), I was running into some panic (cluster push errors) after running my Win10 VM for awhile.  It went from being able to login to Win10 VM to Win10 VM trying to Repair C:.  It would never finish and panic at stage 2 of the install... eventually my VMWare fusion hit me with this error.  I think what incited this error is I noticed I had some reclaimable space on the VM and I tried to reclaim it (which brought about another panic) and now we're here.


      Attached are logs.



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          Scarabomb Lurker

          So... I found a very convoluted work around that I read about some where on this discussion board.  Though, I'm going to mark this as assumed answer, I'm not trying to take credit for anything I've done as I did a lot of research and troubleshooting to solve my issue.  I'm really replying to this, just in case there's someone out there who runs into the same problem(s) that I did.


          Update:  I went from a Macbook Mid 2012 i7 (16GB RAM) to a MacBook Mid 2014 i5 (16GB RAM).  I did this 1) to learn the differences in generations of MacBooks and to kind of upgrade and 2) because I suspect I was getting RAM failures with my older system (that I've had for a long time now).


          Either way, for the "Virtual Disk.vmdk has one or more internal errors that cannot be fixed", I read somewhere that you can just convert the vmdk over with StarconverterV2V.  This wasn't such a big deal, but the VM that I have on the MacBook(s) is 300GB (even though Mac saw it as 144 because of the unused space thing) so it's kind of hefty.  I had to search around for a 2TB external.  The things I ended up doing were 1) throwing the corrupted vmdk onto the external HD then 2) converting it over (I ended up converting it into a vmdk that ESXi can utilize).  I'm fortunate enough to have additional servers laying around that can facilitate both using ESXi AND the space requirement for this vmdk.  Converting the VMDK then following another guide to pointing VM guest's HD to the VMDK I would like to use allowed me to boot into the guest (fixing the issue in the title).  Once inside the guest in vSphere, my Windows 10 guest was constantly going between Preparing to Repair and Diagnose this PC into the PC repair tools, so I just connected an external HD to the ESXi host then in Command Prompt I xcopy'd all the files from the VM guest to the External.  Thankfully, I was able to retrieve my files using ESXi.  In VMware Fusion, I had to rebuild the Win 10 VM but that's not a big deal.. it's the information from my last Win 10 VM that I was scared to lose.  Right now, I'm presently Xcopying from my external to my Win 10 VM on my new Mac.


          I know this was lengthy, wordy and a bit confusing but since I didn't see this replied to and I didn't see any solutions for MY specific problem, I thought I would finish this up for anyone else who might want to try this.