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    Isolated networks

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      We currently have the need for two isolated networks as our phone system is being upgraded by a 3rd party by us creating them 2 isolated networks on a host and then they can build the system with the same IP & hostname's as the current live one and then on switch over day, they will power down the current live environment, we will then point the new VM's to live network cards and it should be live.....


      Having created an Isolated2 (which we will set the VMs with IP's x.x.2.x) & Isolcated12 (VMs will use IP's x.x.12.x) networks on the same host and also created a virtual switch with both attached to it - how would I then be able to have these two networks communicate between each other? Do I need to create a router?


      Sorry if a daft question, my network skills are not great and I have never had to create isolated networks as above in VM


      FYI - We are running VMware 6.7 in vSAN