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    Using DEM with Office 365 and One Drive in a non-persistent Horizon View environment

    mdiuser Lurker

      Hi all,


      We are trying to get DEM to work in a Horizon View environment with One Drive (not One Drive for Business). We are using One Drive with on demand caching, and on non-persistent desktops. We do not want to leave behind any files that are cached, as that would add up way to fast and don't want to use local storage.


      Also, just Office 365 in general...the templates for 2016, which are all I can find, don't work exactly right with DEM. Outlook does not seem to save it's settings either, which is a concern. Word, Excel, Teams, etc seem to work, but not Outlook or One Drive.


      Some quick info on our setup:


      What Version of View are you using? 7.11

      What windows OS and version are your View desktops? Windows 10 2019 ltsc

      Are you using instant, linked or full clones? Linked, non persistent

      Are you using AppVols, if so what version? No

      Have you installed Onedrive per machine or per user? Per machine.


      Thank you!


      Ramzi Nuseibeh