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    SRM License

    Mozron Lurker



      vCenter 6.5

      SRM 6.1

      Storage base replication


      i'd like to add additional 100 vm to a new site recovery protection group with a new recovery plan, I have purchased the licenses from VMware but unsure how to assign them or even expand the current license capacity from 230 to 330 to accommodate the new Protection Group. I have added the new 100 license to vCenter, but when i create a new protection group with recovery plan it then shows I'm consuming more than the capacity. Its not using the Newly purchased License.



      Also, while i'm on the subject of SRM, Can i create multiple Recovery plans for a single protection group. I have added 50 plus VMs to a LUN, I want to DR a group across. Every time i try to create a new Recovery plan it only gives me the option to select the Protection group, not VMs from that group. Is it one recovery plan for one protection group?