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    App Volumes 4.0 Limiting Attachments

    avang82 Novice

      Are there plans to add the ability to limit attachments to only VMs beginning with a specific naming scheme as seen in 2.x?  This is a feature we use often as we have users who access multiple pools and for us as admins when testing an appstack.  Having the ability to control which pool users only get their appstacks/packages is a necessity for us.

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          dbrutus Enthusiast

          I noticed the same too when I did beta testing and made the moderators aware of this. Apparently they are going to add it but they didn't say when. I thought it would be on the GA release but I guess I was wrong. VMware engineer asked me to put a feature request in while I was working with him on a different issue. I recommend you do the same.


          limit attachment to specific computers

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            dbrutus Enthusiast

            VMware replied back to my service request with the following information below. It looks like the feature will be added in version 4.1 and unfortunately there's no tentative release date.


            I have reviewed on this functionality internally and I can see that there is a Engineering problem report already open,

            According to information in PR, this functionality is not fixed in 4.0.1 but targeted as high priority action item in 4.1 release, as of now I do not have any tentative date on the release date of 4.1.

            Let us know if this answers your question

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