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    How Distribute data by raid 5

    Saad_Smart Lurker



      I have 10 hosts in my cluster

      I need to configure vsan using raid 5 and i know that must have 3+1 hosts with one failure (parity)

      How data is distrbuted to 10 hosts and  how do calculate parity or failures ??


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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
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          Hello Saad_Smart


          Actually it doesn't really work like 3+1 as it uses distributed parity bits and thus all 4 sub-components per data Object will be of equal size (as they all contain both data and parity data).

          While individual Objects Data will only be spread over 4 nodes (unless they are massive), as you add more data Objects these will be distributed across more nodes on a lowest-used space priority (and allowing for compliance with the Storage Policy with regard to colocation placement).

          Either way, your data will be FTT=1 regardless of which node it resides on.