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    iOS per App VPN for outbound calls in Microsoft Teams

    HerrMaximilianLeupold Lurker

      I'm running in some issues regarding in-App-calls in Microsoft Teams.

      We've setup an on-demand VPN-Tunnel for all Microsoft365-Apps. You can also only link your Account over the Office-Apps, if you tunnel these Apps through our Proxy.

      On Android I have no problem calling out of the App, but on iOS the call gets always canceled.

      Our Network-Setup is like the following:
      Mobile Device -> Tunnel -> UAG -> Proxy -> Internet

      As I've observed the outbound calls get handled by the normal iOS-call-App. Maybe that is the problem, that this standard-iOS-App doesn't get tunneled.

      Do you guys have some experience with that problem, that your in-App-WiFi-calls don't work through the VPN-Tunnel on iOS? Or do you have any workaround for this issue?

      Best regards
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